I have been asked over and over what FTM has to say about the subject of Creation and Science. One thing that has been a grave concern is the fact that science has been twisted to fit evolutionary dogma that is not provable or observable. We understand that evolution is a great matter of faith. Not Science. It is a religion based solely on the disbelief in God. Therefore is a belief system imagined by those minds against God and the natural observations that tell us of God.

Creationism, in the sense of the word means: This world and all that is in it whether invisible or visible was fashioned, designed and molded by God and Jesus Christ. And that without him there was not anything made that was made.

We also believe that in 6 literal days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and rested the seventh day to give humans a picture of the 7 day week and the point to rest one day and acknowledge him when we rest.

We also believe it is not only vital to believe in a Young Earth, but also that it forms the rest of our children’s world views concerning death, the curse, genealogies of mankind, and also understand the importance of sin and the cost on the cross that needed to be paid for us (Romans 5:13) It is also important to us that the science we are giving out to our children comes from not only a reliable source but from observable evidence that we can see with our own eyes or experiment ourselves.

When Science becomes a “contradiction” with Scripture then we realize this “science” falsely so called is not accurate or based upon true science. As Science and the Bible always agree in all things because God set up this world and framed it by the Word of his power and that all things will harmonize clearly with the Bible.

The Bible God’s Word is the source of ALL truth and what we see in nature such as science and observations are not absolute truths but the truth is found only in Jesus and by what we find in his word. We also understand that science “truths” are relative: meaning that as more evidence is observed and discovered the theories, models, or hypotheses will be corrected in correspondence with that. Thus saying that the only thing we can be certain about is what is told us in the Bible. All else is in question to change or compromise according to the data available to us.

This is important to us, and we also see the value in updating the scientific lectures or articles and videos on scientific views that we publish. As new discoveries refute the old, we hope to refresh and maintain science in a true and genuine way.

We are finding in the scientific department today that astoundingly the Bible is becoming more and more true an relevant as science reveals it to us! It is incredible that the source of all, the “foundational principles” if you will, are only found in the pages of the Word of God, and all else is based upon conjecture.

We believe that the families of today need to return back to the Bible Principles but also be introduced to the science that confirms the Bible to be completely true and stand in awe of the fact that the Bible is 100% accurate, and we can base our world view, even our lives upon what is written in the pages!

Yes we believe God created the world by his own hands not through an explosion, but carefully setting the stars moon and sun into orbit, by intricately designing every atom of the universe to correspond as it should in the nature of the universal harmony that we see today. Evidence? Yes science has that but the greatest things of all is that FAITH is the important thing. And we have faith in Lord Jesus Christ the Creator not faith in evolutionary darwinianism faith in matter that is wasting away.


Yes FTM stands firmly upon the fact that the earth is young that God did not use any evolutionary processes to create the world and that we are the express image of his likeness created to have dominion and to show forth his glory as the masterpiece of his design.