Weekly Update 1-16-17


   Trip to Raleigh North Carolina CORE 2017

Last week, Jonathan and Elizabeth Cooper launched out with Need For Revival Ministries and representing Family Truth Ministries. During the conference, we received many questions, and invitations to come to their church when in the area. While attending the conference, we were able to set up a display table and connect with many pastors, churches, ministries and acquire their information. It was truly a time of reflection and revival as we gathered in a room of over 160 people to seriously seek God and “fill our cups” of ministries to the brim to continue to carry the torch! Amen!

FBN Radio!
   While attending CORE 2017 at Beacon Baptist Church, Fundamental Broadcasting Network, representative Bro. Gerald Miller and his daughter Ms. Ryana were able to connect with FTM Ministries, and we discussed airing on their 50+ stations globally. After meeting with the General Manager Bro. Dwayne Ebron, The Miller Family has informed us that they will be the ones reviewing Coral Island Adventures. We will rejoice to see where the Lord has placed us concerning partnering with FBN to broadcast the salvation and creation message across the airwaves and FTM is also looking into their Radio Ministry to endorse on our website to families for quality programming.

Evangelist Dr. Byron Foxx: Was so gracious to provide an outlet of outreach through singing at CORE and we have contacted him concerning FTM magazine and his assistance in circulating the Conservative Christian One-Source Magazine. We both will keep in touch and also would like prayer as we both seek the Lord in the music department.

Local Church Bible Publishers (an endorsed FTM ministry) has shown interest in our Christian Family Ministry as well as circulating our magazine, and also discussed FTM further representing their Bible and Book ministry. We look forward to continuing to connect with Bro. John Green and this ministry to further the outreach to families through solid Christian Materials.

Duane and Nancy Riffenburgh with the Creation Adventure Family are also partnering with FTM in the audio/media department.As well as heading up the magazine (FTM)  As we seek what the Lord would have for us, we desire to labor together in ministry and are discussing how the Lord would have their products incorporated and where we can serve one another and to what degree. FTM has fully endorsed their materials and hope to help them circulate across the radio waves.

Jeff and Heather Setzer with Creation Family Ministries and Creation VBS Evangelism was able to meet us at CORE and we were able to fellowship and connect in ministry. We also were able to briefly connect with Dr. Ken Sheets who is going to help us in the collaboration of KFT Curriculum. We anticipate over the coming weeks beginning the club curriculum. Bro. Jeff has since added us to their pastor’s packet to help with our outreach as well as desiring to show our mission presentation coming up this next Saturday and we will be getting that to them as well.

In light of the curriculum, we presented FTM at Silica Springs Baptist Church where we played our FTM presentation for the very first time! This was a great blessing, and many were touched. Pastor Elder was the one who encouraged the curriculum at the beginning, and it was wonderful to be able to meet he and his wife, Ms Kimberly, who is a 5th grade school teacher. We plan to continue forward with the curriculum.

I was able to connect with Bro. Jim Schneider with VCY America network as they began airing Series III. this year. We were able to share some ministry thoughts, and praise the Lord for VCY’s new transmitters (2). God is wonderful!

While in Gaffney South Carolina, Just Jesus Radio was able to include Coral Island Adventures into their programming schedule out of Northside Baptist Church, and began airing us January 7th Saturday.

Other Radio States added in 2017:

Alabama WTBJ Oxford,
South Carolina (2)

Thanks and blessing are still coming in as the Lord has allowed a dear brother in Christ from Virginia to connect with us giving us some support as well as another gentleman who has added FTM to over 200 prayer warriors across the world. Great things are occurring and we desperately need all the prayers that we can get!

For Christ and his service and you servant in Jesus Christ:

Janessa Cooper and Family Truth Ministries