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     The Creation Adventure Family has the title due to their great love for Science and Media! Being instrumental in a lot of the Jonathan Park Audio Engineering, Acting, and also script writing this family is not stopping with the past, but launching into the future with new released stories done solely by their family and friends!

     Duane Riffenburgh and his family now have released a total of 5 episodes and counting as they continue to plan and plot their next adventure! (Which will include CREATION!)

     Jump on the plot to stop counterfeiters with Detective Rick Wraith or grab the reigns and climb in the saddle with The Wayfaring Stranger series to stop the Bank Robber: "Big Sam" 

     The Adventures lie ahead! And you can purchase their CD's today and help encourage their ministry forward

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    Join Detective Rick Wraith and his family as they battle a criminal gang of counterfeiters during the 1930's. Return to yesteryear when G-Men and gangsters combated each other during the tumultuous days of The Great Depression. Learn eternal Biblical truths as Detective Rick Wraith trains his home-educated son, Andrew, with compelling life lessons as they fight the forces of evil.

    This high quality conservative two-part story will have you literally on the edge of your seat wondering if Rick Wraith really dies for the cause of freedom, and if Andrew can withstand a deadly entrapment that will end his life at the crashing end of the train tracks!

    Family Truth Ministries is Proud to present The Creation Adventure Family's Album of 2 episodes called Detective Rick Wraith "For The Love of Money"!


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Board the Train of imagination as the Wayfaring Strangers find themselves in the midst of a band of outlaws! It's time to stand up for what's right but how do you do that when everything goes all wrong!?

Whether train hold up, bank robberies, storms are sicknesses Duane and his son Andrew have to fight through it all to help save their family! In the end, does Big Sam finally understand true love and forgiveness to the most renowned "Crook" in the territory?

Family Truth Ministries is Proud to present The Creation Adventure Family's Album of three episodes called Big Sam!


Featuring the voice talents
of Buddy Davis in a story
inspired by his hit song,
Big Sam.

Story by The Riffenburghs,
the writers who brought
you Detective Rick Wraith
and Jonathan Park & the
Whispering Sphinx.

Also featuring the voice
talents of Frank
Montenegro, better known
as Dr. Kendall Park

Inside disc

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Their Family Adventures are amazing! Fun, comical and loaded with Scripture and values as well as highly active quality stories! FTM endorses this Family Outreach 100%!