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Don't miss going to hear Dr. Davis speak in your church, churches near you or in your area as he is well worth your family's investment!

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By DVDs featuring Dr. S.M. Davis as he lectures and preaches on specific topics by family role and traits that we desperately need in the home today.

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Dr. S.M. Davis

Dr. S.M. Travels full time and also counsels families in need of Scriptural guidance for their home, children, spouse, and personal lives.


FTM endorses Dr. Davis for multiple reasons! His ministry impact our families to be better parents, children, servants, workers, and laborers for Christ. His DVD's and audio lectures/sermons will inspire you to become more like Christ and to raise your family in the ways of the Lord. Personally, I am thrilled that he has raised two generations of godly heritage and successfully lives the example that he conveys in his lectures. Truly a humble man of God who desires to help and love your family no matter what the crises might be, and to help you to work through the trials and heartaches to build up a Family of Faith.

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