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June 1st Friday Night at 7:00-9:00 PM!

Get Ready To Learn What You Have Never Learned Before and SEE what you have never seen!

Held at:

Trinity Independent Baptist Church
4501 Pittman Road
Kansas City, MO. 64133


Science And Astronomy "LET THERE BE LIGHT"


Janessa Cooper will be presenting "How We Know God's Word Is True" from a scientific perspective.



  • The Slight Difference That Can Turn You Atheist!
  • Big Bang Problems
  • Bio Genesis
  • Laws of Physics
  • The true marvel of light itself
  • Accuracy and historical confirmation of scripture
  • Power of Sound
  • 4 Types of Evolution Explained.
  • 10 reasons why evolution should never be called science.
  • The Prism of the Salvation Plan

Instead of arguing whether or not NASA is really telling the truth, if the moon is shining or not, or if the earth revolves around the sun, there are more important things that we need to know from God's Word! Can your children prove that the Bible is true? And how can we know that it is? Does astronomy actually prove the Bible and what are the secrets of light that is beyond the sun moon and stars?

Learn this and so much more through a presentation and fun games of review geared for home-schoolers schools and church groups!

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Cost is FREE!

  • Additional print offs to take home to learn!

  • Science Books will be available that are King James Version and also cheap!

  • Creation Drama will be sold at back tables

Easy to follow lesson sheets

Video Slide Presentation 

Fun Interactive Music And Games

The Plan of Salvation Clearly Presented

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"Janessa Cooper has been advancing the creation message and the authority of scripture since 2010 with Coral Island Adventures Science Media Drama. She taught in Indianapolis for a week on Creation and the Bible to children under 16 years of age after 3 were saved and many convinced of God's Word, her desire is to bring the message on the home front to help families to learn the truth about evolution vs creation."

Science materials will be on display for purchase for your family.