Our little son is four months old. Christopher (Jr) is such a happy little boy and he has a light if intelligence in his eyes.

There is nothing in the world that is equivalent to tiny eyes gazing up purposefully on you, as if to say how much they depend upon your care, or sloppily kissing your face when you ask for kisses to express their love and appreciation for you!

Children are truly joyous rewards. And with this priceless gift of life, what serious responsibility!


Worries and Short Comings:

As a mother, I am constantly asking myself if I am truly taking serious accounting everything he is to learn in the phases he is to learn them. And thinking about lessons to get him through life altogether, is overwhelming.

My favorite hymn is Day by Day. Each passing moment gives us strength to meet whatever is in store for us. If we trust in God’s direction, we won’t have a reason to fear or worry.

Worry is such an attitude changer. Worry crumbles to a feeling of being overwhelmed, which then leads us to little self worth. We begin to think we are not doing a good job, are missing something, or are not doing a praise-worthy job if being a wife because of being a new mother.


Wife is First:

When I first had Christopher, I told my husband that he was still priority to me. That his needs and desires were we the top of my provision list. He was not going to be second fiddle to me. I am glad that I told him this because Chris was resigned to the fact that he would be on the back burner as our baby took priority. He was accepting and sweet to be pushed aside and seemed please to hear my words of affirmation that his needs were important to me.

We promised that both would do what we could to take care of the baby and that we weren’t in it alone. We took time to hold and love one another while the baby slept and prayed a lot together.

We also talked about how easy it is to become so wrapped up in the children that couples become distant in their relationship so when Jr leaves home it is a struggle in their marriage to have an empty nest. They look at one another like “Who are you?” And this was something we did not want to ever experience.

The baby knows that if Daddy needs something it is important to mommy to meet them. Whether it’s a drink, or meal, daddy gets first dibs always. And he has learned that it is fun to serve daddy.

Self Occupation Time

The baby gets all the love and kisses he can handle, but coming from a large family I also understand the principle of spoiling a child! Christopher must learn patience, and self-entertainement. He knows when mama sits him down to play that he is to play. (Maybe for small increments of time) and he is doing very well to coo and talk to himself during these self entertainment times.

He also is doing well with others holding and talking to him. He knows that when mama hands him to someone he is in their arms until mama says “come here”. Training is in tiny stages. Whether it’s learning to sit up, or tummy time, it’s important to me to help him through his frustrations.

If fun becomes no longer fun, I have a rule “when it’s no longer fun that’s when we’re done” and I will alter his playtime with other toys and positions. Perhaps from high chair to bouncer, or little gym play on back approach. In this way he becomes content to occupy himself for longer periods of time while I get things done.

It is important to me that he learns to be good when left alone, however understanding protest from fear is another thing. There are times he is startled or not feeling well and I hold him a lot more than normal.

He can play alone for a good ten minutes in each station but I never under estimate his mama and dadda time.