God has been doing great things whereof we are glad! Reminds me of a Bible Verse!

Recently my brother Jonathan Cooper who is our sending evangelist for Family Truth Ministries as well as Need For Revival Ministries, (http://needforrevival.com) bought a nice house right down the road from our church.

We were using a classroom where we would set up foam “deadeners” from the drop down ceiling. It was a hard effort as we came set up everything tore down and only recorded on Saturdays. However the quality was good and well received and no one complained!

When my brother bought his house, he had two front doors the first going into a huge mud room with a large pantry room behind that! Perfect for studio and recording station.

They opened their home to me and the crew and the first recording went very well! We are also now able to record during the week if we need to, and the permanent set up has been such a blessing!

One thing that I love about Jonathan. He is a giver. His love and zeal for God beats all other evangelists I have met because he seeks to be the solution to problems. He wants to help in any way that he can.

Please hold him in prayer as he seeks to travel all over the USA to present the gospel, help hurting churches, and offers many ministries to churches through FTM.

Recently while studying the book of Mark, I am moved at the love, outreach, and compassion of our Savior and how he charged those that he healed not to tell anyone about what had happened.
I laugh when I think that they always did anyway….typical I guess. He knew they would do that.
But his fame went abroad in a good way. He was a healer! He was a Compassionate Problem-Solver!

That’s what we want to be to families everywhere!

This morning I received a text asking for forgiveness from a friend as they had lied and also saying “I got saved yesterday!” AMEN! I was so excited!

I was so glad to hear that!

My prayer is to make a difference in just one soul some how some way somewhere! Feel free to help us make it possible! We are now receiving $5 dollar donors toward out ministry a month. We would love to have your help to make this possible. Without God’s people supporting God’s work, it truly would not be getting done. And for this we are grateful for the people who have prayed for us and sent us letters and notes of kindness!

Coral Island continues to bless families all over the world:

From a mother of 7 children: “I started playing an episode online in the car, and my kiddos stopped talking and listened…”That’s Coral Island!” my 9 year-old exclaimed.”

It is a great joy to receive messages like this from families!

May God bless you all for praying for us!