Why the secular world screams college:

It is interesting: I heard this statement a lot when contending about world view issues. When it comes to what you believe, it is very important that you have a faith and world view buried deeply within the Word of God.

Scientists, who are naturalists, were never born with that belief that earth blew itself into existence and that we were descendants of Martians. They were fed a bunch of misinformation from somewhere that was acclaim-ably credible Bill Nye told a little girl “You may believe in God now but when you get older you’ll see the world through different eyes: you need to go to college.” He kept telling her college would help her.

Why would Bill Nye say that? Well shockingly he says “I am not sure that I’m right” he also said “Evolution has not been proven.” But yet encourages a child to follow him.

The biggest blunder that you can make, as a young person, is to decide to attend a secular university unprepared for the garbage they will unmercifully to shove down your throat. I would highly encourage you against a secular university that has an agenda toward evolutionism and attend a Bible college to allow your own pure unbiased natural observations to formulate your worldview!

We have placed way too large a value upon college regarding the phenomenon of education. In fact, God tells us it is the foolishness of the world that God chooses and weak things. And that he despises and rejects the wisdom of mankind and tells us that we must be as little children in order to understand spiritual things.

God also warns of people who are wise in their own conceits. He talks about blind leaders of the blind. He also says that the children of this world are yet wiser than the children of the kingdom and this was not concerning the wisdom of God but the wisdom of mans’s own assumed way. There is a way that seems right to mankind but in the end of his on intelligible thinking, is death.

No one ever is born to believe they are an animal and related to a banana, as Bill Nye also admits. He is in a fantasy land of imagination. As he also says to one “We came from a Martian and are ancestors to Martians” Yet admits “Martians have never been found” He says this is science. However he also admits science always changes but refuses to admit that he could be mistaken in his beliefs.



People like Bill Nye who presses, tempts, pressures you to question your faith, and to doubt the Bible is used by our enemy Satan and all they say and their falsehood must be avoided. We should be inclined to pray diligently and sincerely for these misinformed men of carnal intelligence, be patient and loving with them meanwhile asking God to change their hearts and mind’s direction and to save them.

Bill went to college and was brain washed.  And this is extremely devastating to him spiritually with very serious consequences in eternity.

But should you go to college? The answers vary. It maybe no, it maybe yes but how do you know?

Before you go to college:

  • First of all, your parents should be the ones to pray with you and help you to make this decision.
  • Consult your pastor and ask him to pray for you in the decision
  • Research colleges that are Christian. You do not want a college that teaches you evolutionism and naturalism in Biology and other science classes.
  • Ask your authorities if you must attend secular college if they think that you would be able to stay true to your faith during this time and have them personally hold you accountable and also contact a creation scientist or lots of them to help you to keep on track and to detect lies while in class.
  • Bury deep into your Bible and realize that is was made for you as much as it was the people 200 years ago. This is a life survival guide and you can trust it 100% it has never ever been disproved with any facts in any way.
  • Make sure that you and God have an intimate relationship. That you talk and seek him often and ask him to give you peace about going to college.
  • Who will be influencing (teaching) me?
  • What is the main curriculum (Research who wrote it and what it will be like)
  • Who is in the dorm with me?
  • Is there a good local church nearby I can get into right away
  • Are there any people my age going there that are strong in the faith like I am?
  • Do I have to make any compromises in order to attend?
  • Do social events mean mandatory attendance around alcohol or wicked environments?
  • What job openings are in the area and are there any jobs that help my faith or would they hinder me?

Sometimes God says no. As he did in my case. I was able to enjoy my brother’s college work because he did it from home and I helped him with those classes and I must say that I did not leave knowing anything more I knew before because the Bible was something I read all the time all the way through and I was devoted to its reading. In fact I even went into his Bible college courses with a very skeptical “how can they prove this” mentality.

When in college questions to ask are:

  • Where do we get this idea? (Origin)
  • How do we know this is accurate? (Proof)
  • Where do we observe this? (The Scientific Method)
  • Who said that? (Authority)
  • How does this effect me? (Lifestyle)
  • Why should I even believe that or think that way ultimately? (Consequence)
  • What are the consequences if I choose to believe or not believe that? (The Judgment)
  • Does this in some way effect my view of the Bible or my beliefs? (Cause and Effect)
  • If I change my view does it compromise my stance as a Christian in any way? (Stability)
  • Can I have the original work of that claim? The Math the data, the scientist information, or the basis? (Material)
  • Outside of Scripture what historical evidence is there that people believed this before? *(Fundamentals) beliefs do not evolve or pop up in history by someone, but was globally recognized even to people in the Bible.
  • Is this a relatively new idea? (History) (In the last 500 years or so? Did people think this way back in Jesus’ day?)

What is pressing of importance, is that we understand that Man teaches what Man thinks. God’s Word teaches what God thinks. And Bible college is Man teaching what they think the Bible means for you mixed with study of the scriptures (which you could undoubtedly do at home with a Webster’s 1828 dictionary :))

Am I against attending college? NO! Some colleges are wonderful and are geared to equip you in ministry! Bible college teaches you skills in sociability, organization, work, character, schedule, as well as giving you an opportunity to work within a setting such as prisons, jails, nursing homes, churches, and other work atmospheres to get hands on training. Some need people skills, communication skills, preaching skills, and teaching skills. This is a good thing. Some youth need to get out of their ungodly home or environment in order to be able to focus on the Lord.

If you are wanting to pursue a secular career do not assume that all colleges that may equip you are secular universities that teach naturalism. There are a number of colleges that help train in a secular field with Christian profession.

Talking to people, God was greatly using, whether in business or ministry, during my 20 years of travel I noted one very large and surprising factor as I researched intelligent and successful men from they who were struggling in many areas. It was they who had been uneducated (some not even a graduate from high school) who had advanced to shocking success because they had their minds and hearts exercised in the Word of God and the Holy Spirit had taught them! Remember that God doesn’t look at education the same way as the world does.

God wants our best no matter what we do. And he does want us to educate ourselves and to perform to the best of our ability, but remember college is not always something you MUST or HAVE to do as so many colleges strain upon you.

I remember when I was college age people tried to push me into college. They tried to convince me I wouldn’t be a good Christian without Bible college or a good teacher without a degree. One even went as far to tell me I wouldn’t make it in the world without a college education but then I ask “What is an education?”

To be educated is one thing. To go to college does not always mean you are educated properly.

David in Psalm 119 said that he understood more than his teachers because he meditated in the Word and also he said he knew more than the ancients because he was in the law of the Lord.

People are undermining the educational power of the Bible. In many ways the Bible is still being proven today through scientific findings that we did not yet know about!

So the debate is not that you will be dumb if you do not go to college, nor is the debate you will be smarter if you do attend, but rather, are you really sold out to the Lord to learn his wisdom and knowledge? And are you close enough to God to hear his call? What is he calling you toward? And if he does tell you to attend college, to which college?

God truly cares about every step we take and choosing the wrong college will put you one year farther away from God’s Will.

Choose wisely and carefully. If you choose to attend college get ready for the battle. How do you get ready? Study the Word of God and then the arguments the secular world will have. Always always trust the Word to be right always and hate every false way. Line everything up to the authority of the Bible and throw out the bad.

And hang on! Dig yourself into the roots of your faith. Don’t doubt, don’t wander, don’t change. With God’s Word you will never be wrong. And choose wisely the college that God has.

Do not swallow the lie that everyone must attend college to be smart. Darwin never did attend a university to be a scientist, and Jesus never attended any organized school. So either way: to believe you must attend somewhere just because, tells us we have a shallow understanding of what true education really is.


  • Experience comes from your desire to be under the right person to teach it
  • Knowledge and wisdom are already yours from the Bible
  • Training can come from an experienced person outside of college
  • The best thing you can do is make sure you have character and diligence as well as discernment
  • Your walk with the Lord is ultimate concern
  • Your knowledge or lack of knowledge of the scriptures determines your overall success.