Hello everyone from the Sheltons!


          Here is another update to our ministry and family and what God has been doing! We hope that you can take just a few moments to read the




    In our last newsletter we asked you all to please pray for a small list of things that would help us to better serve the Lord, one of those things was for a house near our church.

We are so overjoyed to tell you that this month the Lord has opened up a house just two or three streets away!


          It is a double blessing that we also have a loving like-minded family our age just a few houses away!

          The city park is very nearby, and the pastor and his wife, so we are thrilled to be surrounded by good friends and a family friendly environment.

          We close on the house July 11th if all continues smoothly in the process.

          We were driving to church from about 40 minutes in distance so this will help us conserve travel time to reuse for the Lord in another way! Once again what an answer to prayer and we thank you for praying!



          God brought Lancashire’s Lighthouse Radio from the UK across our path! It is the first station in that country that has shown interest in our content. This is also a huge blessing in ministry, and we had a small purchase from the UK as result. God truly is reaching people for his Kingdom through his servants! We pray to  expand the gospel by adding new stations as the Lord allows along the way.


  It’s A BOY!


          We were able to go to Springfield for my birthday and get a very special price on our second trimester ultrasound with 3D and 4D imaging. This special clinic is owned and operated by Christians, and Imaging Miracles also has a special outreach for mothers contemplating abortion wanting to give them free ultrasounds.

        They have saved 500 babies in 5 years and that’s a great job! Emily was my age and we really bonded and I am telling you this 501(c)3 is very special to my heart and was definitely worth the trip. The company was very kind to us and did an excellent job.

We not only found out the little one is a boy, but also found he has no physical concerns and is a whopping 1 pound at 20 weeks! He has since grown quite a bit and is now about 11 inches in length. It’s amazing feeling him kick.

    The cute thing about him was he fought the ultrasound imaging tool with his hands and kept hiding his little face with his hands. Emily said he is one active little boy.

    So far, every sermon at church he’s very lively so I tease that he’s either a little rebel who hates his sleep interrupted or is already enjoying the Word of the Lord and shouting amen in there! 😀

    My prayer every day for this little man is that God will use him in a big way and that he will follow the Lord and fulfill His purpose whatever that might be.





          Remastering Series One has slowly progressed as it is one of the side projects that I am doing, however we continue to prod forward on Series 4 with only 69 Scenes to go before the overall episodes are compacted into the timeline.

It’s hard work, but I enjoy it so much.

          As we look at the rest of this month and into July, we are boxing up and getting ready for the move.

We have been renting from my brother, who has a lot of the furnishings, so it will certainly be a meager beginning for our little family. Looking around the house at what we do have, my heart grows so thankful that we won’t be moving into a completely empty house. One big blessing was that it is fully furnished with appliances in the kitchen!

          I can hardly wait to see how the Lord chooses to fill our little house from scriptures on the walls, to furniture so we can have people over discipling etc.

We Americans are so spoiled that we don’t lack a thing, and as I tell most people, Americans leave no room for faith in the Lord, if they want it, they do what they can to get it.

          If you aren’t seeing God acting in faith in your life, it could be that we don’t put ourselves in a position of need for God to supply. Our greatest needs are God’s greatest opportunities!

So who knows what the next newsletter may contain, it might be short and sweet, but right now we are so thrilled that God has been so good to us in the month of June.

Discipleship is moving forward; we are thrilled to see progress in these believers. Both my husband and I are so overjoyed that God is using us in this way.

This month was busy for our pastor and wife with summer camps and VBS meetings requiring their absence. Chris was able to preach a couple Wednesdays and Sunday School services and it blesses my heart to see how prepared and knowledgeable he is in God’s Word.


Isn’t it WONDERFUL to serve the Lord?! We are  pieces of clay in his hands and yet he entrusts us with the most important message in the world! Salvation through Jesus Christ!





  • (ANSWERED!) We are looking to move to Harrisonville Missouri to be closer to our church
  • For Baby in it’s development and birth in late October/early November. (Healthy so far!)
  • For God to provide financially so that we can hire out a lot of the audio editing and production department.
  • As we disciple a couple in our church that God has allowed us to see join and begin growing leaps and bounds!
  • God would continue to bless our wonderful marriage and that He would be praised in our daily lives.
  • Working on our new magazine vision for 2020 that we pray hard will come to pass!
  • That we would be able to sell more Digital Adventures that help fund all that we are doing.


       Thank you everyone for your prayers! We pray to continue spreading the gospel through our media outreach and radio ministry!



      Chris & Janessa Shelton, and Family Truth Ministries Staff.