Have you ever had someone randomly come up to you and share a huge struggle or trial that they are going through? This did not happen by accident. Some people are gifted with a loving soft heart to hear. To hear and listen to others is so very important. And in our world today, it is doing everything it can to cram our minds, ears and eyes with as much noise as it can to keep us from actually working things out in our minds, spend time in the Word and prayer, and ultimately be able to enjoy a silent moment of stillness to hear ourselves and other think!

     We live in a terribly broken world because not only is Satan fighting overtime, but Christians are giving up and instead of doing all we can to repair the broken, help the feeble and strengthen the babies that we are running around like pharisees working on the nuances of mature believers thinking we are doing God a favor.

     While scrutinizing everyone’s tiny idiosyncrasies, a mother has lost a child and needs comfort, a girl is on the verge of abortion, a marriage is on the rocks, and a child is contemplating suicide on our very own street we live on, and goes by totally unnoticed.

     Why is it that many are more concerned about what other believers are doing than a lost and struggling community that is dying and going to Hell? Is this something that we should be considering?

     In the books of Haggai, the term “consider your ways” is listed multiple times like an anvil hitting steel.

It is time to consider.

     During COVID19, people all over our hurting world are posting on social medias asking for advise and help. Realizing that they have serious issues they cannot deal with on their own. How are we truly investing in that situation other than a three-liner comment?

     We must reign in on what is going on around us and even though we have been in our homes on ‘lock down’ during this virus pandemic, we could be of so much love, encouragement, and help during these times.

     So many are screaming judgment at a lost world who knows nothing of God’s gospel of peace, or Salvation of love. They feel lost, lonely, despondent, and completely at a loss! The sick need bandaged and loved not yelled at and judged.

     I keep thinking of Jesus Christ when he said “I am meek and lonely in heart” what a special phrase that is.

     When he walked this earth he had a lot on his heart and mind, and it drove him to heal, to love, to have compassion, to preach truth, and to berate the religious hierarchy of his day!

     We can learn a lesson from Isaiah who began the first five chapters saying “Woe is you” but when he saw the Lord high and lifted up, he fell to his knees and cried “Woe is me! For I am wicken and undone!”

     The truth of the matter is, yes God is righteous and a God of indignation and judgment, but we are forgetting that this very same God of the Old Testament laid that wrath, anger, and judgement upon his Son Jesus Christ so that the entire world may believe on his love, compassion, grace and mercy!

     Why the Gospel is that of peace is that we are to tell people forgiveness and love and truth can be found in Jesus, and that all God’s wrath, and judgment was placed upon him so that we could be free from God’s wrath.

     Instead we want to act like everyone is just in receiving anger and bad treatment from God. Majority, seems bent on this.

     On social medias you find Christians screaming out that Jesus is returning or not, higher up rich people are plotting demise (they are though) and all these conspiracy theories. We have articles and videos of screaming at our governors, and president, as well as complaining about staging and news media lying. I am not saying all these things are not going on around us in truth, but that we have lost 

our purpose as Christians being here.

     The truth is, we are pilgrims in this world and God tells us that we are to be the light of the world and that we are to bring glory to our Heavenly Father in the way we conduct ourselves and in the avenue of winning lost and dying souls to Jesus Christ.

     When we stand before him and recount the wasted words of anger, resentment, and protests, we will see all the people that were crying out for help and love that never reached out to us because all they saw were bigoted hypocrites who were more worried about their rights than they were other souls. God help us!

     Like Christ may we focus on what is important. That souls are badly needing Jesus, we have the Answer, we are not of this world, and we have to win as many as we can to Him before he returns! May our witness be that we had a meek and lowly heart like Jesus, and loved the unlovable, reached out to the unreachable and had the heart of gold to care.

     Lord, please help us to get in focus with you, and to see the lost world with love as you do and get our hearts on fire for those in need. May we climb down from our high horses to realize this world is so far from you that half of our rants make no sense to them. May we go back to the basics of John 3:16. That you so loved that you gave and also replicate that mindset to others! In Jesus name, Amen.