FTM Endorsements Criteria


This site endorses materials that fit into the following criteria:


  • Bible References are from the King James Bible
  • Modest in it’s standard appearance and practice
  • Does not contain vulgarity, profanity or inappropriate content.
  • Following the Doctrine of the Bible contained this statement of faith
  • Teaches or encourages morals and spiritual values.
  • To promote other like-minded publications, organizations, groups and ministries for other ministries and families to discover




  • FTM Endorses specifically the materials found on the site of FTM. All other materials found outside of FTM may not contain an FTM endorsement.
  • FTM does not support entire ministries, authors, producers, or organizations as a whole unless mentioned specifically on our endorsed materials section.
  • FTM does not own, any part of FTM Endorsement ministries, organizations or their materials with the exception of “FTM Ministries” that we produce.
  • If you have any trouble or would like us to review materials of your ministry or organization please contact us!