FTM Endorsments:

Below, are the basic categories we have, and have endorsed. It will build up as we grow and we hope to enlarge in the coming year with your help!  Simply click on the boxes of the categories to proceed.



Radio Dramas, Plays and special stories are here for you to click on the links to the ministries where you can order them or find out more from their featured website.



Searching for quality books without having to worry about what you are reading? And especially the Word of God? Here we will show some books and Bibles we like!



Whether scientific, educational, evangelical or outreaches to children, these ministries could use your prayers and support as well as offer you some great resources!




A fun place to go to buy the tangible items: DVD's or CD's! Order them through the multiple ministries where you can obtain godly Christian Music, Education, Preaching and more! COMING SOON!!!!

Wanting to listen to some good quality radio stations? Here you are! A list of conservative broadcasting from all over the world! We have listed the stations and their links for you to enjoy!

Download Stores of Digital Goods, Game Sites for kids, or other websites, this category are for those who do not have tangible goods but have wonderful online resources to read such as articles and more.