Eating Machine!

The Eating Machine!

So we have been very busy working toward series four release and series five recordings in studio!

Lots have been accomplished but our technology was not exactly as excited to function as we were! It seemed to have a mind of its own as most computers do. During the recording session Saturday, it would crash the software and was not recording properly and what is worse when booting up the Document’s window was missing all the files to two complete episodes! As you could imagine we were devastated but the surprising thing was we did get through the day while the computer was still trying to eat the lines as we were recording them!

Well time for a new computer! And run home in frantic search on external drives, flash drives and anything else that I could find that had the slightest possibility of containing the 20 GB of content!

Surprisingly one thumb drive had them on it! And never do we place originals on a flash drive! God provided those files and wow what episodes they were! I am so thrilled the team did not have to redo any lines and that the Lord came through for us again with a miracle that somehow some way that random flash-drive had files from my desktop that I had not yet transferred!

So the Eating Machine is about ready to be replaced feel free to Donate to help with purchasing a new computer that can handle the high task of high tech video and audio!


Praise be to God for the small things!


I was on Facebook and connected with a radio station network called Sheep Manna Christian Radio. From They began airing us last Saturday at last minute and will continue to do so on trial basis to see how it goes! Fun stuff! God is wonderful! They have heard back from the following areas I included their map: 

Please pray for FTM as we make “full proof” of our ministry and make sure it runs efficiently and smoothly as we have new volunteers that we will be adding to the crew and also working with the Coral Island Families who are involved. God truly has blessed and we thank you for your emails, support and most importantly of all your prayers!

Please keep up with us on Facebook or our websites, and check out the video below!

God bless you all

Janessa Cooper
Family Truth Ministries