In the parent’s world, we hear children say that all the time! And as parents you laugh knowing good and well you know 99.9% of what your small child is doing when they think they are perfectly in the clear!

Now grant it parents are far from perfect however we get wise to those shenanigans and try not to laugh when it is discipline time.

Sometimes it’s everything you can do to keep a straight face and you are shaking violently with laughter biting your lip and getting watery eyes because it’s so hilarious you can’t help it!

What to do in that instance? 

Observing parents during this is so funny. And I’m the person in the room who notices detail. Common reactions are these:

  1. “Here you deal with them, Dear” And hand the child to your spouse who has it together so you can find somewhere to compose yourself or even laugh out loud as long as they can’t hear you!

  2. Hide your face in your sleeve and smile all you want. (they don’t know)

  3. Hold your mouth tightly closed so you don’t lose your composure…think of something else right now…

  4. Just cry instead

  5. Laugh anyway and apologize and admit it was hilariously funny even though not called for

How does God handle us?

Oft-times I wonder how many times God laughs and shakes his head at us and at our foolishness! He must see the larger picture and also see how we mess it up and isn’t it something that nothing ever occurs to God. He knows where we are at all times, and we can’t ‘hide’ anything from him!

Just like we have the attitude in our spiritual lives that “what people don’t see won’t hurt them” we hurt the heart of our Father when he sees our displeasing activity.

Every day, I think about how differently I would act if Jesus bodily walked with me throughout my day. Because HE DOES walk with me. He is INSIDE of me and everywhere I go he goes. He sees what I see, he walks where I walk and how often do I forget that “Father sees it all” I cherish the fact that God does see it all and that he sees me falling, and slipping. He sees my struggles and my needs. He never leaves or forsakes and I can live my life trying my best to please him.