$5 Dollar Donor A Month:

Families can help for $5 a month

International Outreach!


Change The World For Five Dollars!

Just Five Dollars a Month can help Family Truth Ministries with their Kids Find Truth Science Club endeavor! to:

  • Create Lessons for Science
  • Compile a complete Curriculum
  • Translate the books in different languages
  • Print and send all over the world for free
  • Create Videos to implement the materials
  • Host Kids Find Truth Events!


You can help to reach children in other countries who cannot afford to buy curriculum and also helping us to make it available to your families for free as well. You can make a difference!

Our Team Work Map!

This map is of the people who are helping the curriculum and translating! These men and women are volunteers serving to make this possible!

We want to be able to offer as much of this for free all over the world! But the only way that we can is if you help us reach the world! We cannot do it without your help! Donate by clicking the button please fill out that it is a monthly donation and click the "automatic billing" feature so you click once and don't have to worry about it again.

Map of Outreach so far_000000

HELP! I can't even afford $5! Well that's okay! God loves the widow's mites too! We have a very special area for giving that even your little children can enjoy! "Change The World" Campaign as well! You can give pennies at a time if God so leads! After all God uses the tiny things to change the world doesn't it he?! If you need any more information contact us today!