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A new area of materials that we endorse where we pray that we can bless your home with good quality music!


The largest diversity today seems to be music. The world has its music, and we are called to be different. We are also told music must obtain a distinct sound to deliver a specific message. We are also told not to learn ways of the heathen and to be set apart. We want music to be uplifting, but also pleasing to the Lord and not our fleshly appeal like so many seek after.  We have chosen music that we love and believe will be all around winners! We want your family to be blessed by our selection of music!


We love quality, we love to be able to hear the harmonies, whether it's quartet, ensemble, family, or orchestral. Blend is best and quality as well as beauty in music brings us to worship God. It should draw us closer to his presence. It should provoke thought, send conviction, comfort, joy, worship, and gratitude. It should inspire, but is also should provoke us to be closer to our Savior!


We love variety! There are lots of genres out there by a ton of artists. I am sure we do not have nearly all of who we like available yet, but we are working on that. I am sure you will enjoy form bluegrass to piano, to orchestral to acapella, and country gospel, old southern gospel perhaps, and some modern beautiful blends that the Lord loves to hear. We will share what we can for your enjoyment!

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Faith Music Missions has a tremendous variety of music! Click their logo to go to their store and search for your favorites!