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That Is True Love!

1. What Does True Love Look Like? “Herein is love, not that we first loved him but that he first loved us” Everyone wants to know what true love looks like. Let me tell you it’s not as pretty and beautiful as it seems. Wait did I say that? Yes! I meant it too. Love…

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Don’t Tell Mom and Dad!

In the parent’s world, we hear children say that all the time! And as parents you laugh knowing good and well you know 99.9% of what your small child is doing when they think they are perfectly in the clear! Now grant it parents are far from perfect however we get wise to those shenanigans…

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Are People Really “Born That Way?”

“After all they cannot help their transgenderism can they? They were born this way anyway right?” I was told this by another young fellow-believer in the Lord and she shared this story with me as follows: “I knew this family since their two boys were born, and I knew one was different. He was always…

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