Building The Wall!

My heart is grieved that so many in this world today allow their families to be a “Broken Down Wall” at the mercies of society’s “Entertainment” and “Educational” systems.

Many ministries out there that we deem very family friendly are very small, or not able to financially market themselves to the public eye.

Family Truth Ministries has been busy looking into multiple ministries, materials, and entertainment trying to locate preachers you can trust, movies you can watch, books you can read, audio adventures, VBS education, printing ministries, all the way to getting a good Bible you can trust that is quality and affordable!

I can hardly wait to open up the “FTM Endorsements” page with ministry links materials sermons, wed services all the way to my favorite radio outlets and download stores!

Our heart is to help your family find great stuff that you can participate in and find it all on a neat and clean website!

Know of any ministries we might condone or endorse? Send us the ministry and let’s add to the database!


With much excitement to REBUILD THE WALL for the homes who are “WATCHMEN”


Janessa Cooper and Family Truth Ministries