“After all they cannot help their transgenderism can they? They were born this way anyway right?”

I was told this by another young fellow-believer in the Lord and she shared this story with me as follows:

“I knew this family since their two boys were born, and I knew one was different. He was always the different one. His brother was -you know- the natural manly boy loving cars and dirt and the like, but the other was shy, almost girly in his manner. He was always the awkward one and I knew from the beginning he would be trans. And he cannot help it, he was just born that way and some people are. I am not saying it is right, but hey, it can happen.”

Point to think about:

As I stood hearing this story there are many many thoughts that come to mind and let me just say that

  1. God’s Word should form our opinions on this issue. (How things seem to us may not always be a true fact)
  2. What seems plausible is not always the truth of the matter. (There may be other unforeseen reasons as result)
  3. Some things are just not explained away with the “Born that way” mentality. (It doesn’t excuse, resolve or help the individual suffering)

Looking Into The word of God:

  1. From the beginning God made them (mankind) male and female. (Gen 1:27)(Gen 5:2)(Matthew 19:4) (Mark 10:6)
  2. To become other than your natural identity, is not according to nature. (Romans 1:25-32)
  3. Transgenderism of any kind results in the judgment and anger and also shall be and have been punished by God himself. (Genesis 19) (Romans 1:32)
  4. We are to hate the sin, but love the actual sinner reach them for Christ. (Psalm 119:194) (Psalm 119:128) (Matthew 5:44-48) (Luke 6:27) (Luke 6:27)

Each individual must recognize the destruction that this very serious issue causes to them morally physically as well as spiritually.

Talking to them about this subject:

Talking with one entrapped, she was in the Methodist church and was taught to be good in order to go to Heaven. she relayed to me that the desire to ‘do her own thing’ was keeping her from her devotion and she realized she would never be ‘good enough’ so she gave into her carnal craving and addiction and became a gay lesbian. Her words were “Atheist lesbian anarchy” And I thought this was interesting. She also was a Biologist who acclaimed that we can observe chromosonal changes in the human body that shows a progression to transgenderism and people cannot help it. However this cannot be proven to effect in such way.

She asked why Christians could not accept this lifestyle and help the hurting in this area as there are many sick and dying and it was hard because they are causing their own issues and will not repent or recant this lifestyle in order to get restored.

It is like the drunk in his drunken stupor trying to figure why people do not want to be around him and help him when he has no desire to resolve the problem in order to be helped. His lack of sobriety destroys all chance of healing.

Shall we befriend them?

Shall we care and bring the gospel with them? Yes!

Should we associate with their assembling and befriend them? God’s Word says no. (James 4:4) (Ephesians 5) (Psalm 1)

They Were NOT Born opposite of natural gender:

  • They were not born to be transgender. However just as we are not born drunks, drug addicts, or addicted to pornography the inclinations and attachments can be passed down from the sinful cravings and habitual sins of the parents called *(epi-genetics)
  • (Exodus 20:5)
  • (Exodus 34:7)
  • (Numbers 14:18)
  • (Deuteronomy 5:9)

Other sins such as Anger, Bitterness, and like emotion is also passed down from the genetic lineage. This however is not an excuse to be addicted. I have also seen a demonic influence that is associated with specific addictions and many will attest that some are more prone toward an addiction due to peer pressure or also that they had no boundary or knowledge that is was sinful or wrong.

A 6 Year Old Boy/Girl?

A 6 year old boy wanted to wear his sister’s make-up play dress up and thought it was cool and the parents said why not. Now is it surprising at 11 that he comes out and says I am a girl now because I think it’s cool. Where is the boundary? Where is the landmark?

Where the line is not drawn how then can it be knowledgeably crossed? And who will share the truth with them and say NO!?

The Bible clearly says the effeminate will not inherit the Kingdom of God nor abusers of themselves with mankind. (I Corinthians 6:9 “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of god? Be ye not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”)

I like how the next verse says: “And such WERE some of YOU! but ye are WASHED, but ye are SANCITIFIED, but ye are JUSTIFIED in the name of the LORD JESUS, and by the SPIRIT of OUR GOD.!

We have been DELIVERED! We no longer are in these sins by the power love and forgiveness of our God and Savior!

Sin is sin! It is a trap, a deceiver a destroyer and we must help pull them out of the fires of Hell!

They were not born in any way the opposite of their gender, just as the man who recently turned his face into a dog was not born a dog. This mentality is against nature and God’s Word and we must stand against the evil while praying for the soul of the ones entrapped in this horrific destruction.

Defending the Rainbow!?

Another young man said: “God could care less about the rainbow, in fact I think God is against the rainbow.” He was a Christian an began talking about the detest he obtained toward the flag of colors and letting that be their brand mark of identity.

As believers let us realize the rainbow resembles the throne, presence, and likeness of the appearance of God the Father:

  • (Ezekiel 1:28)
  • (Revelations 4:3)
  • (Revelation 10:1)
  • As well as his covenant of mercy and global flood (Genesis 9:13-16)

Ezekiel said when he saw it (the bow) that he fell upon his face!. We must take back the rainbow and stand firm that NO! This is the sign of the presence of Almighty God and his VOW to the children of man of his MERCY! His REDEMPTION and his SALVATION!

Other scriptures:

Full research of the scriptures show us that this is a movement against God, and also against nature itself. It also destroys mankind in health, also in family, in values and morality. This is a serious issue,

  • Genesis 2:24-25, 19:1-25
  • Leviticus 19:1-30
  • Romans 1:22-32
  • I Corinthians 5:1, 6:9
  • I Thessalonian 4:1-5
  • Hebrews 13:4