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Provoked includes many scriptures that surround specific deep topics that will move your Christian walk closer to the Lord!

This moving Devotional by Franklin Trainer inspires convicts and directs with scriptures along with a daily provocation from the word of God.

This book contains 365 scriptures and equips you with deep motivational truths as we walk with God.

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It's time for Christian's to wake up to realize the mess their personal lives are in and the result of the mess of their country. In this very heart-felt book, Frank Trainer reveals a passion and conviction to the Christian life and how personal revival must start not only in the lives of others but that it must begin with YOU. Seeking personal revival, this book will be very helpful to shine the light of truth in the darkest places of your life and reveal what you can change, do and be for God. Truly a moving book to the seeker who is serious to draw nigh to the Almighty God.

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Effectively bring up your children in the "Way they should go"

Former Pastor: Larry Youngblood has 6 children exemplifying "and when they are old they will not depart from it" Biblical Principles to Parenting will be a priceless addition to your family library.

Topics include, communication, rules and guides, relationship, bitterness, pitfalls to avoid, all written with wisdom of years and experience. Truly taking the Bible literal, and in the raising of his children after they have grown and he retired, he collaborated his thoughts and his actions in this book: his prayer, to help a struggling mother or father to ensure their children will "turn out" for God and good!

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This Young Lady devotional book is a very great resource every young lady should own in her life. This challenge book gives you special tests to see what "fruit" you tend to be! Are you a coconut? Or a sweet pear? Are you a sour apple? And the deep spiritual questions of inward reflection make this book very well-suited for personal or group setting. Personally, a young ladies class has been so successful with these books in hand that helps you to see exactly who you are, your strengths and weaknesses and how to be what God wants you to be in accordance to your personality.

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A very essential pamphlet for new Christians! This very well organized lesson guide helps the new believer to understand the basics of their Spiritual growth and what they must do in order to be obedient to the Lord. 

Topics include: 


The Holy Spirit

Reading the Bible

Church Attendance

Tithe and Giving

And much more!


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Add to your faith is the next level of the Christian walk adding to your faith, knowledge, and to knowledge, temperance and of course all the building blocks to help you to grow more than just the faith that you share and to exercise yourself unto godliness.

A very handy pamphlet to grab after the Growing in Grace book to help you to get to the next level in your spiritual walk with the Lord.


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Stay in the castle is an amazing read for a teenager who is on the verge of making important decisions concerning boyfriends and dating. Pastor Jerry Ross does an amazing job with a beautiful fictitious princess story along with a true account of a young girl he told this story to. If you want to have a changed perspective on God's view for you to wait for the special knight in shining armor I encourage all single young ladies to read this book.


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Would you like to know 7 important decisions to make before engagement or even before serious courtship?

This book is a MUST to single young adults and teens who are in a serious relationship. 7 Royal Laws help the individual to decipher God's will and choices that will protect them and promise a successful relationship before marriage as well as providing some safe precautions and other neat ideas in a serious relationship. A MUST READ!


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This Three Part Book Series is also a spiritual provokation and challenge "meat of the word" practical guide to becoming men and women with godly character and helping us in the needed morals and standards every Christian must conduct themselves to be, and how we are to be like Jesus Christ. Very reflective and convicting three book series I believe all Christians can enjoy.

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Good Reads

A hair-raising allegory of William Tyndale!


This amazing story is based on the true stories that followed William Tyndale and the Bible! A printer Englishman and his daughter Margaret are in route to protect an old strange weak man who comes to find refuge in their town hiding the most heretical thing yet the most precious to the Truth!

Will the Black Robed familiars uncover the secret cave and hidden basement? And if they do will Margaret and her beloved be able to withstand the time in prison if they catch them?

Chippy and Chetty Learn to Work parallels the summers and winters of two chipmunks in order to show both the rewards of working and the consequences of putting off work until later.

Whether you are a parent of tiny tots, Grandparents who love to read to the Grand-children, or simply running a preschool, nursery or daycare this little book is both colorful and fun to read teaching these children moral lessons through a fun filled adventure with two little chipmunks!

Written and Art by Raymond Lauer Family Truth Ministries' artist when he was 18 years old.

Does your child love dinosaurs but you are concerned about the evolutionary teachings in many books on the topic?

Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show uses its engaging story to show children that the existence of dinosaurs proves the Bible right all along. It also teaches kids how to respond to challenges to their Christian faith by learning the source of truth of all things - the Bible.

For a little girl who adores dinosaurs, a Saturday morning program that challenges the Bible's story of Creation becomes an opportunity for her to prove sometimes even the smallest voices can proclaim and defend the truth of God's Holy Word!

Lessons for Little Ladies contains 25 exciting lessons for young girls. These lessons were taught in the Blue Denim and Lace Club of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Blue Denim and Lace is a Christian service club for girls in third through sixth grade. These lessons could also be used for Sunday school, family devotions, bus route fill-in time, Sunday afternoon programs. Bible clubs and any other opportunity people might have to influence today's girls to have more character. Just a few of the lessons contained in this book are: Kindness, Self-control, Table Manners, Honoring Dads, Dressing Properly and many more.