big-sam-radio-dramaI am happy to announce The Creation Adventure Family has a CD 3-part story called Big Sam and the Wayfaring Strangers!

I have listened to all three stories and laughed and cried! It was a blast!

I want to take the time to talk a little about this precious family from the mountains of California, and invite you to visit the page we have place on our endorsement list!

They have also produced a Christian detective series called “Rick Wraith” and also are working on other adventures!

I encourage everyone to tell their friends about Big Sam and purchase their CD of three stories of nearly thirty minutes a piece and find yourself galloping along through a wild west tale of your life!

One thing about the story I particularly liked is the fact that the morals were very good and heartfelt and also Buddy Davis played in it too!



  • Being good isn’t good enough for Heaven
  • Hell is real but so is the Grace of God
  • Don’t abuse that Grace!
  • There’s Mercy and forgiveness at the cross for everyone
  • Family sticks together
  • Church is important
  • Love your enemies
  • Salvation is a free gift offered to all through the blood of Jesus
  • No one is too bad to be forgiven!

And in case you do not know how to be saved I encourage you to listen! And if you already know, I also encourage your faith will be strengthened and your family will get a thrill!

Big Sam is a wonderful Audio Adventure geared for old and young and many more lessons can be learned from this valuable story!


Janessa Cooper

Family Truth Ministries