We haven’t yet introduced Janessa Cooper’s Bible only website but how neat it is and it is growing likes on Facebook! You can follow the blog that is nothing but Biblical Questions solved by nothing but Bible verses! And in contextual flow. You can’t beat this because you can share these posts on Facebook and if people need to know more about what you believe you can easily copy and paste the verses on Facebook or other social media.

We hope that you will enjoy Bible Has Answers and their blog about what we stand for and why! The blog includes the following articles:

Following their page on Facebook alerts you when they post new articles and also gives other Biblical Advice.

It is important in today’s world that everything you are facing is not only from the Bible but taken from contextual locations rightly divided and also more than one verse is presented. It is so important to us to uphold Bible Basics!

Feel free to contact Bible has Answers on Facebook and ask them for a specific article on a doctrinal topic and they will search the Bible and get the article up for you to share!

Also, feel free to share your articles and Bible verses you find to Bible Has Answers.

It does have answers and it means what it says. Always. Back to the Bible Basics is so important because so many are falling away from the faith, and I am seeing this more and more. We need to be so careful and wise as we search the scriptures daily to see whether or not these things are so!