Our Vision

There is so much evil in our world today. And as Christians, it is so important that we have the tools we need to teach and train the next generation. 

Our focus on the family is primarily due to the fact that without the family there is no outreach, no church, and no way of winning the world. 

If our families are so important so is the education of our children. Parents need to have the tools they need to train them up in the way that they should go. And we have seen the need to create a website that is built to help them with the tools in various departments. 

Whether it's educational, entertainment, music, preaching, websites, evangelists, or simply great resources, our desire is to help you to find what you need from our website that is 100% family friendly, wholesome and Christ-honoring! Welcome to Family Truth Ministries. Your Conservative Christian One Source!

Simple Plan of Salvation:

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