Our Vision

Simple! You need to know where to find quality ministries to further your ministry along, or to help your families with the tools that you need to educate and provide for your family from a conservative perspective. Whether you are a ministry leader, pastor, parent, or simply needing a list of resources Family Truth Ministries offers from audio adventures, books, CD's music, training, scientific education, to family counseling services all on one site!


Simple Plan of Salvation:

By ftmedit | July 26, 2018

The Atom

By ftmedit | March 27, 2018


By ftmedit | March 27, 2018

Feathered Frenzy

By ftmedit | March 8, 2018

That Is True Love!

By ftmedit | March 1, 2018

Don’t Tell Mom and Dad!

By ftmedit | January 24, 2018

Are People Really “Born That Way?”

By ftmedit | November 13, 2017

Ask The Accordion!

By ftmedit | November 3, 2017

Rapid Petrification and Fossilization

By ftmedit | November 3, 2017

Just Go To College!

By ftmedit | October 18, 2017